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  • Trading / China Exporting

Trading / China Exporting

In trading project, Kenago does not work with you as a mere service provider but as a seller, thus providing you with a one-stop solution where you only receive the final product and we are in charge of all the rest.

Your brief us, we deliver!

The advantage for you is that you can focus on your core business and you do not have the same risk as when you are dealing with a factory directly – we take care of everything.

Most of our clients who started working with us as a sourcing service provider eventually decided to work with us as a trading company just proving the client with the ready-made final product.

We go through the same steps which we recommend any of our clients when dealing with a factory – the difference is just that you do not have to spend time with that since we are in charge of everything so that you can focus on your core business.

The steps basically look as follows:

  • Supplier Assessment
  • Product Design & Prototyping (if required)
  • Product Sampling & Sample Approval Procedure
  • Bulk Production & Bulk Production Approval Procedure
  • Quality Control
    >> Normally we conduct several on-site quality controls before and during the different steps of the production process
  • Product Testing & Certification
  • Logistics & Customs Handling
    >> Depending on the shipment and delivery method agreed on

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