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  • Lab Testing & Certification

Lab Testing & Certification

One of the common concerns about China-manufactured products is whether they comply with the legal framework of the import country in terms of product safety.

Due to our long-term China sourcing experience, Kenago is the perfect partner for you to ensure that the products you buy or manufacture in China comply with all necessary legal regulations of the target country.

In this context, we offer our clients the following two services.

This service is mainly targeting the compliance of a Chinese supplier with Social standards such as SA8000 or WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment).

Many Chinese manufacturers have a setup that would generally allow them to pass such a test but since the requirements are not difficult to meet but the paperwork mainly in English and difficult to understand – Chinese factories are often intimidated by it.

The other reason is that most of these certifications are very costly so that only large and more expensive factories tend to get certified and renew the certification every year.
Smaller and cheaper suppliers however, can get trained to pass this certification if it is a prerequisite to get a large order.

Kenago can help in getting local manufacturers ready for the test through a special training program for all relevant certifications.

Our certification and testing service is targeting the compliance of one or several products with a specific requirement or with the import regulations of a specific country.

Often these requirements are included in the purchase order given to a supplier and before the final payment it needs to be checked if the production complies with the standard as previously agreed on.

Large foreign testing agencies such as TUV, Intertek, SGS or Bureau Veritas tend to up sell and have you test your products on a large variety of substance which often are not legally necessary.

Also, the testing procedure itself is often way cheaper if conducted by a China-based testing agency (even though it is accredited by the international testing bodies as well) than by one of the big international players.

Finally, even one and the same testing agency is cheaper if we have your product tested in their China branch than if you have the product tested in your home country by the same agency.

Here, Kenago can help you with the following:

  • Definition which legal requirements your products have to comply with to import them into your country
  • Provide suggestions which testing agency to conduct the test with at moderate prices

To give you an idea, below you find a partial overview of some of the tests we can help you with:

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