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Logistics & Shipment

Kenago has a strong logistics department which can assist you with all relevant logistics-related issues.
Not only can we help you getting your products from A to B at very competitive prices but also can we provide you with different warehousing solutions targeted to fit your respective needs.


We can offer you all relevant shipment modes depending on whether you signed an EXW, FOB, CIF or DDP contract with your suppliers.

Most contracts with Chinese manufacturers are FOB Shenzhen or FOB Hong Kong contracts.

Here we ensure that your product will be adequately packaged, loaded at reaches you without delay.


We offer multiple warehousing solutions to our clients.

If you plan to purchase different products from several suppliers, we can first store the products in a warehouse and then consolidate a container with various products before sending it out to your premises.


If your China production has to be shipped to not just one but several countries we can also provide you an adequate solution.

For several of our clients we handle local warehouses where they store products which will then be sent in smaller lots to different target countries instead of shipping them first to a second country from where they will be sent to a third country again at a later point.

That way we reduce shipment fees, shipment times and multiple handling cost.


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